Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Actually Worked!

Yummy scones. A Sunday morning conference tradition since being introduced to it by the Gealtas'.

My kids sat though all four sessions of conference this year! No I am not lying. I made these little chalkboards from a 1$ clipboard from Walmart and chalkboard spray paint. I got the idea from another blog. I modified it a bit to my needs. I then attached the coolest conference packet that I found at Sugardoodle. Add Some new Roseart washable markers and some chalk and you have nearly eight hours of busy work. During the afternoon sessions we played the word color game mentioned in the Ensign. Saturday we played with Skittles and Sunday we played with M&M's. Even Ruby was listing hard for the key words. I am so doing this again in October.

I am thinking of adding a pocket on the back to keep chalk and earaser. Anyone have ideas on how to do that?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!

I love this picture of you! The best thing about you is that you are always so dang happy! Who knew in a few short years from the time this picture was taken you would be a criminal defence lawyer. Helping criminals back out on the streets in 2 months or less. I couldn't be more proud. Ha Ha.


I stole this idea from another blog. I have been having a hard time staying up to watch movies with Daryl. So I decided to do these Modge Podge easter eggs. I think they turned out nice. I think I will keep them up till July at least.

Spring Break!!

Ruby and Marcus

Max and Jake

Bayley and Michael

The kids were on spring this week. Daryl couldn't take time off work because of his surgery he had recently. We missed having him around. I got a really bad cold on Sunday and had to miss church. The cold is still lingering. Anyways, on Monday we got invited to go put put golfing. The kids had a blast. My friend Alecia got lots of pictures. I told whoever got the lowest score for the day got to pick where we went to lunch the next day. Bayley won and picked Arbys. We also saw Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. I have to say I really enjoyed the movie. It was pretty funny. On Thursday we went swimming at the Y. Yes, I got my huge prego body into a swimsuit and paraded around the local Y. Ruby and I hung out in the toddler pool and Max played with friends in the big pools. I told the kids we were going to have one day at home playing board games. We finished an entire game of Monopoly. It was quite a relaxing week. We all slept in till we wanted. Did our chores at a slower pace and ended up playing in the afternoons. I was a lot less strict about bedtimes also. We had a great week!


Max has been waiting for a long time to lose his front tooth. It has been lose for about six months. Max finally got brave and let Daryl pull it out. The highlight of his evening! Funny thing though. I was at a Movie night with my book club. I came home late and all the kids and Daryl were in bed. I was getting ready for bed and heard a strange whistling noise coming from down the hall. I asked Daryl what that sound could be. Turns out it was the empty space in Max's mouth. I just thing he is the cutest !