Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Running of the Bulls!

So the beach we went to is on an island that is a state park and somewhat of a wildlife refuge. We were relaxing on the beach when we noticed two buffalo making their way through the beach. There were quite a few people making their way towards the beach. The buffalo must have freaked because they starting charging toward the crowd of people going really fast. We watched helplessly as people ran and screamed and scattered. I just kept thinking please please nobody get trampled! Especially in front of my children. Luckily nobody got hurt. I am guessing that is why Northwest Trek makes us stay in the trams while touring the park. Just a little reminder we are not in Washington any more.

Sponge Bob and "Sandy Cheeks"

Since we have moved, we have really missed this view. "Sandy Cheeks". The weather has been great and we were feeling really land locked. Little did we know we only live about a ten minutes drive to Antelope Island the largest in the Great Salt Lake. Here we found sandy beaches, very salty water and a sense of normalcy. We set up for the day and watched to kids play in the sand and swim.

I gave Brittyn a shovel and pail full of water. She was entertained for hours putting sand in the bucket then scooping it out. She even taste tested a few times! Yummy.

We dressed like twins!

Max. I buried him in sand then poured water on him. He loved every minute of it.

Bayley came too. She made a sand castle and read the majority of the time.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bayley is Twelve!

On Memorial Day we had a joint Birthday for Bayley and Brittyn. Bayley requested a homemade ice cream cake with chocolate and vanilla and mint oreo crust and layers. This is Bayley with her cousin Delany.

Leah and Cam, Sharsti and Josh all came over for the party.
We are so Proud of Bayley
* She continues to excel in her music. Takleing hard pieces. She is currently teaching herself guitar.
*Bayley works hard in school and I never have to remind or ask her to do her homework...which is huge, I know.
* She is sweet and helpful with her siblings.
* Bayley earned her Faith in God award.
* She love to do the right thing.
* Bayley is learning to help around the house and likes to learn how to do domestic type things.

Bayley truly is a fantastic girl to be around. We love her sense of humor and her easy going attitude.

Brittyn is One Year!

Brittyn wasn't sure about the huge piece of cake I put on her tray. First she put her finger in just for a taste.

This face looks converted to me!
Some of Brittyn's Milestones
* Says Mom and Dad
* Plays peek-a boo
* Loves to look up at the ceiling fan and say "whats that?"
* Enjoys scavenging the house for tiny bits of morsels
* Likes going to the park and going down slides, hanging on bars and eating wood chips or gravel.
* Can walk up to 5 steps independently. Then gets scared and sits down.
* Wants to "help" Mom load and unload the dishwasher.
* Gives lots of kisses and blows kisses.
* Waves and says "HI" to strangers.
* Screams when she doesn't get her way.
* Plays in her old car seat. Snaps and unsnaps.
* Refuses to drink cows milk.
* Goes up and down stairs independently.
Brittyn is a real joy to be around. Daryl and I wish she would stay "little" for much longer. I think we really have learned to savour every moment of her infancy. It just doesn't last long enough.