Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve

 Our "living nativity" We sang "Away in a Manger" and read the Christmas story in Luke.
 The kid's opened their new Christmas pajamas. They are now ready for Santa!
Want to see more about our Christmas eve? Visit my sisters website /http://joshandsharsti.blogspot.com/

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

 Santa's Helpers!
 Decorating the kid tree. Yes, it's a fake! I never thought I would own a fake Christmas tree!
 Santa's elves making cookies.
 Making Christmas cards for their teachers,
 Bayley making the pretzel rods dipped in chocolate for their  teacher gifts.
 Finished gifts.
 Family photo shoot! We used a timer it's so much more fun that way. All the excitement of having to get into position before the camera takes the picture! We did have one casualty though. Soon after taking this picture Ruby grabbed a stocking and the stocking holder fell on the bridge of her nose splitting it open. We went to the ER and got it glued back together so she has a very light scar on the bridge of her nose.
My Girls

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chritmas Tree Hunting

We normally go to Snowshoe in Orting and cut down our fresh Christmas tree. This year we are 16 hours away from our favorite Christmas tree farm. So we had to hunt for a place to cut down trees. We did find a little farm with about forty "Christmas trees". The trees we found were more blue than green and had prickly barbs. We had a great time and we were able to carry on our day after thanksgiving tradition.


 Just some pictures we took this fall. We really like this park. We go and let the kids walk around on warm Sunday afternoons.

 Carving pumpkins!

 Bayley and Brittyn were bumble bees for halloween.
 Ruby was a scary vampire and Max was a ninja.

Dinosaur Park

 Skeletons catching a ride on a dinosaur skeleton.
 Ike, Max, and Ruby digging for bones.
Exploring our surroundings. Fun day!