Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Expert

This is Ruby and Layla at the Temple Square in Salt Lake City. Ruby is telling Layla all about Jesus. It is so funny and sweet. Ruby knows a lot about choosing the right. She loves sharing that knowledge with anyone who will listen. She just has a real hard time following her own advice.

Look Closely

This is my little sister Leah's idea of a double stroller! Love it!

Swimming Fun!

The week Sharsti and Josh were married, we went down to Utah a little early to visit my little sister Leah. We stayed in a hotel near their house. And of course it had a pool. We swam everyday! My kids are excellent swimmers! I can't take credit for any of it. The YMCA has a great program. All of my children besides Brittyn loved taking swim lessons. Here is Ruby or Ariel. She would pretend she was a mermaid.

Ike and Max just chillin.

Daryl, Brittyn and Bayley relaxing in the spa. This was Brittyns first time going swimming. She loved it.