Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ruby Mae Is 5

Ruby turned 5 January 28, 2010. She wanted a Tinkerbell cake. I thought I would try a cupcake tower. Ruby chose strawberry and lemon flavored cupcakes and the cake layers were also strawberry and lemon. This was Ruby's year for a "family" party. We had the Joel Steveson family and her Grandma Colleen and Grandpa Larry over for Dinner and a party! Ruby has had a wonderful year. This is her second year of preschool. She loves doing "homework" when she gets home from school. I have her write her new reading words and sound them out. She seems to be catching on quickly.

Ruby has hit a milestone. On Friday the 29th Ruby went into the doctor for her 5 year check-up. Her immunizations were all caught up and she doesn't need to get her TSH levels checked until March. First time EVER she has gone to the doctor and not gotten poked with a needle or had to have a blood draw! She was a bit confused. She asked me if she still got a sucker when we were done! We are really hoping that the Endocrinologist is right and that her Thyroid issues will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Some of Ruby's favorite things: Emma, makeup, fingernail polish, Tinkerbell, her DS, swim lessons, gymnastics, her CTR4 teacher Dianne Kienholz, playing with Brittyn, and helping Mom with chores.
Ruby loves choosing the right and not the "left"!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cold & Miserable

Have you ever been to Zoo Lights? In past years if you bought a season pass to the zoo it included free passes to Zoo Lights. In past years we have gone. Only to come away thinking that it was the same as the year before and if it wasn't free it really wouldn't be worth it. Well, 2009 will be the last year we ever go to Zoo Lights! This year we were turned off by the huge crowds, long lines, freezing cold weather and to top it off we only got a 50% discount on our admission. Rip off! On the bright side, Brittyn looked so cute in her front pack with dad.