Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Many of you know we sold our house in Washington...bitter sweet. Nice not to have to pay a house payment and rent. But missing the familiarity and comfort of home. Our rental house is nice but lacks that homey feeling.

Come on in! I just wanted to say goodbye to our house and all our great memories we have had. I really wanted our kids to be able to look back at and see where we used to live. This is our front entry.

Living Room


Living again.

Family Room



Laundry Room

Girls Room

Maxwell's Room

One of Three Decks that Daryl built with his own hands.

Main deck.

Our lovely views...this is what I miss the most.

Master bedroom

Master bath
(look at the sweet tile job my cousin Riley did)

Basement bedroom

I guess it is time to move on. Our new house will be done sometime this winter. Right now there is just a big hole in the middle of our property. Daryl and I love making a house a home. Daryl goes out to the property everyday and takes pictures of the progress and walks around in the hole. It is pretty funny.