Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Walk

In our cute little new town they have an annual Pumpkin walk. What is a Pumpkin walk? New to me too. People and businesses carve hundreds of pumpkins in all different themes and set them up around the park. We saw everything from Harry Potter characters to Halo and even Temples and Thomas S. Monson. Our long time friends Josh and Rebekah invited us to go with them. Me and my girls. Bayley said she is dressed as a Muggle. Ruby is a blue fairy and Brittyn is a frog.

Anna and Micheal F.

Most of the kids posing.

More of our group.

Another crazy shot of silly kids.

More House Pics

Max's Room with the window seat.

Really bad picture of view from the babies room.

Master bedroom view of the lake and the island.

My kitchen nook with the walk-in pantry.

The arch that separates the Kitchen and Family room. You can see the beginnings of the corner fireplace.

Little inset in the upstairs hallway.


Look! Some of our windows are in!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our house, is a very,very fine house...

...But it's a little bit drafty!
These pics are for you Dad! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Park City!

All the girls including Mom.

My Dad going down the Alpine Slide. This was the coolest thing we did. You ride the ski lift up to the top of the Mountain and then get on these little wheeled carts and go all the way down the mountain. Max rode with me and we flew! It was an awesome rush. I can't wait to do that again.

We ended the day at California Pizza Kitchen at Gateway Mall. The kids couldn't help but play in the fountain. I got this cool shot of Max. It looks cartoonish.

My parents and baby sister, Bree were in town for a few days. Leah had the awesome idea of going up to Park City since it is only about an hour away. It was the perfect day!

Back to School!

Ruby's first day of kindergarten. Her teacher is Mrs. Swan and she attends the afternoon class. Bayley started Jr. High this year. She loves her schedule. Which includes band and world dance. She has learned some pretty crazy dances that she loves to share with us at home.
Max started the 3rd grade. His teacher is Mrs. Barnes. She is very young and pretty. He is doing excellent in math and reading.
This year has been a huge adjustment for me. The kids are enrolled in Syracuse Arts Academy. They require uniforms and I have to drive them to and from school everyday. Yep that is three trips. Next year will be easier when all the kids are in all day. Except Brittyn of course. I love that SAA is K-9. The Jr. High has its own building but it is all on the same campus. Knowing all my children are in the same place has been really great. I get to go in on Daryl's Fridays off and volunteer. I am the art specialists helper for 3 kindergarten classes. I am at the school for 2 hours. It is so fun teaching the kids different art techniques.