Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fondue Party

For Valentines Day I made fondue for my special valentines. Daryl and I waited for the kids to go to bed and I made a special batch for us while we watched a movie. (too much double dipping going on with the kids)

Ruby really, really loved it.

Valentine Parties

Bayley arrived home from school mortified after having received several "special valentines" from admirers. However, after visiting with Mom about being gracious, and thinking about the effort of others on her behalf, she quickly became flattered. Knowing that in a couple of years she will enjoy the attention from the boys, I guess I can be grateful that she feels the way she does today.
Bayley also had a band concert that day and played her first duet on the Saxophone.

Maxwell's party was really rockin. He made sure Ruby was introduced to all of his friends. It was so cute. And of course him being a ladies man and not shy at all, he received special valentines from girls in the other first grade classes as well. I am gonna have to keep an eye on him!

Ruby's cute little preschool class exchanged Valentines and sang Valentine and friendship songs.

Combined Family Night

We had a multi-family Family Night at Grandma & Grandpa Steveson's house on Monday night. We decorated cookies and sent a Valentine package to Sharsti.
The pregnant lady (me) had to opt for Tums instead of conversation hearts!

Thanks Mom for a really fun evening!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Joel!

I searched everywhere for our old gymnastics pictures. Lucky for you I couldn't find them. I hope you have a great birthday. Thanks for always being such a great big brother.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ruby is Four!

Ruby had such a fun birthday this year. Most of her friends were able to attend. We played cake walk and pin the polka dot on Uniqua. We also did a small cut and paste craft. Ruby had been excited for her party for about three days before . She stayed up late the night before helping with some of the games. Then Ruby got up at 6:30am because she was to excited to go back to sleep. I assumed by party time she would be a bear! She was just the opposite. She was a sweet gracious host. She has grown up so much.
Ruby, Isaac, Sidney, Greta, Brian, and Emma
Uniqua Cake (Backyardigans)
Ruby's favorite character on her favorite cartoon.