Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rock Band Mania

I can't get over how cute my little kindergartner is when he plays this game. He is really good! Sometimes he has to take a break because he gets sweaty and has to get a drink of water.
Max on drums, Daryl on guitar, and Bayley on vocals.

We love Rock Band. Daryl wanted Rock Band for his Birthday. Little did I know our whole family would be addicted to it. Yes that includes me. It has become our favorite past time in the evenings. Daryl and the kids have a band called 'Delicious Amplitude'. They have 11,o93 fans and 79 stars. They just recently acquired a Deluxe Liner tour bus. Coming soon to a city near you.


The Knighton family said...

Woooo! Go rock band! yeah! That is funny. I have to admit, cam's sister has this game and we all get addicted when we go over there. I'm glad we don't have it I might just have to go to rehab.

Sleepless In St. George said...

We sure surprised and excited to find you from Jo and Joleenas blog (which they never blog on). Great to see you kids, can't believe Bayley is so grown up. Great to find you!

Shelley Schwendiman