Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break!!

We went to Northwest Treck. My kids love seeing animals from our state. They were in awe over how big the Bison and Moose are. It was a beautiful day and all the animals were out. Funny thing about the last picture I took of Max with the bear sign. The very next day we were at my kids favorite park (Bradley Lake) We went to walk the trail that goes around the lake. We decided to go the oppisite way we normally do. We got about half way around and a lady stops us. She is like uhh I don't think you should be here there is a black bear sighting. We stopped and turned around and noticed an unusual amount of sirens and police and the normal entrance to the trail blocked off by a cop car and lots of tape. Sometimes when our whole family is together we are in our own little world. We should probably be more careful. Our beloved park is closed for now.


The Knighton family said...

Looks like it was a fun spring break! hey I put those pictures of my house up when you get a chance! love you!

Brett Em & Berkley said...

oh my word! this is your cousin Emily- I saw your blog on Leahs. I can't believe there was a bear there! crazy. You have such a cute family! hope all is well-