Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bayley is Ten!

The only person missing from this picture who was at the party is Emma. I think she is sitting opposite of RubyMae across the table. Could those be her little hands? Clumsy Aunt Neeley cut her out of the picture. Isn't my family the cutest?
Bayley and Bree. My baby sister Bree was only 5 (almost 6) when we brought Bayley home from the hospital. She is more like a big sister to Bayley than an Aunt. Bayley loves her and wants to be just like her.

It was Bayley's turn to have a family party this year. It was so fun to have everyone (within a 20mile radius) attend her party. We had coconut cake and strawberry ice cream. She has so many people who love and care for her.


Jessica and Tanner said...

Bayley is such a beautiful girl! I'm so glad we're here for the summer and get to join in on all the fun. We really loved playing with your kids. They're so fun! I'm sorry though that my Mom showed up... I know that's kinda weird. I wasn't expecting her. Let us know when we can do it again!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Bayley! We wish we could have come to the party!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday bayley! We love and miss you so much when I showed that beautiful picture of you with your cake to Ike he said "pretty" and then I asked who that was and he said bayley. I can't believe how old you are getting! I was 12 when you were born. That is only in 2 years! crazy! We wished we could have been there!