Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey! Batter, Batter

Maxwell's first Baseball game ever! Daryl has been working with him and taking him to all his practices. It sure has paid off. Max has the cutest little team. It is still coed so all the girls have little pink batting helmets. So cute. (We didn't even use helmets 20 years ago when I played...which explains some things I'm sure.) Max hit a great ground ball in left this game and did his best to stop some balls in right field. I am so proud. Daryl won for most "enthusiastic " parent on the sidelines. I just can't get enough of my boys.


Rebecca said...

Our boys are playing baseball again this year. It has been fun to go to the games and watch them improve! I especially love that Mike coaches Logan's team and takes Christian to all of his practices.