Friday, June 19, 2009

Hospital Visitors

Mom, Dad & Brittyn

Jeff an Alecia ottesen

Leah and Cameron

Me and Leah

Ruby, Bayley, Max and Dad

Great Grandma Dickson
It was so fun to have Leah and Cam in town for the birth of my baby. I didn't have to worry about a thing. It was like having Leah read my mind. She took care of everything while I was in the hospital and when I got home. Thanks again.
Mom stayed with me and Daryl the whole time I was in labor and giving birth. It was so fun to have my Mom all to myself. She got me laughing pretty hard at one point. I think that helped the birthing process go much faster.
Thanks to everyone who helped our little family out during this exciting time!


Leah said...

I miss you guys so much!!!! I want to come and steal your children. and yes, even Ruby! Love you guys. SO glad we could be there for the exciting parts.

Turners said...

she is so sweet. Im glad everything went so smooth. I saw some pictures of her on Leahs blog too and she just looks so tiny and sweet. I seems like my baby isn't even a baby anymore! it goes sooo fast. and sucha a sweet name. take care- hope recovering goes quick for you