Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bottle Rockets

Heads up!

Is that Bayley using a chop saw?

Did someone actually give Ruby a hammer?

Daryl better watch his fingers if Max is using the drill press!

The Scouts have been in our garage for the past month working on bottle rocket launchers. The kids really wanted to try and make their own so Daryl made them work through the process of planning and building it. Everyone had a good time. I got to be the audience out on the deck while they demonstrated their rockets. Of course they had to drink 3 2 liters bottles of Walmart pop.


Rebecca said...

Daryl is such a great Dad! He is so good at sharing all sorts of interesting knowledge that he has stored in that brain of his. He captivates my kids every time we come to visit.

Elizabeth said...

So do all of your children still have all of their fingers and toes? Darly is a brave man! By the way we are coming up the 24th of Oct. and are going to stay for a long weekend- and I need to come and squeeze your baby's cheeks, I'll give you a call so we can figure something out.