Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rut Season?

After a very long day in a house full of arguing, fighting, impatient children, I convinced them to go outside and play some volleyball. It was going to be great. Would their attitudes change do to fresh air and exercise? Nope. But I wouldn't be able to hear the whining and "he's looking at me" from the lower yard. The kids were outside for a peaceful ,blissful two minutes before coming back inside saying"Mom, the bucks are fighting!" I think my house was a contention magnet this week. Some days I feel like my home is just like "the Wild" and then I look in my backyard (jungle) and it is confirmed.


Rebecca said...

That's pretty funny! I grew up in a house with deer constantly roaming through our yard and I never saw them do that!

Yes, my family can act "wild" way more often than I can handle. I love when I can send the outside!

Jared & Taytum said...

That's so funny :)

Turners said...

Im so glad you put up pictures form the halloween party I wish we would have gone. I actually dressed up like darla- witch with the green face and all but we didn't get a picture of it. Monroe hated it! i cant believe you have deer in your back yard- dont tell my dad or you might have a hunter up there too!