Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Year Round School! What the What?

Well it has been has been suspected for quite some time but it is now official! I am the worlds meanest Mother. I just enrolled Bayley and Max into year round school. Not that I had a choice. It is the only elementary school near us. I suppose I better make some cookies for after school...getting used to a new neighborhood, city, and state sounds so much easier than it really is.


Andrew and Cori said...

You will get used to it... it will just take some time. Moving is lousy no matter how old you are or where it is to. Good luck!
BTW- welcome to the wonderful world of living in Utah... you will get used to it too... but, it will definitely take some time. :)

Turners said...

that mad me laugh! Bretts sister in NC has the year round school but they dont know any different! good luck to your kids with all the changes and you! and keep your fingers crossed for Karah!