Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bayley is Twelve!

On Memorial Day we had a joint Birthday for Bayley and Brittyn. Bayley requested a homemade ice cream cake with chocolate and vanilla and mint oreo crust and layers. This is Bayley with her cousin Delany.

Leah and Cam, Sharsti and Josh all came over for the party.
We are so Proud of Bayley
* She continues to excel in her music. Takleing hard pieces. She is currently teaching herself guitar.
*Bayley works hard in school and I never have to remind or ask her to do her homework...which is huge, I know.
* She is sweet and helpful with her siblings.
* Bayley earned her Faith in God award.
* She love to do the right thing.
* Bayley is learning to help around the house and likes to learn how to do domestic type things.

Bayley truly is a fantastic girl to be around. We love her sense of humor and her easy going attitude.