Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We drove down to Manti for the Pageant in June. We had such a wonderful time! We can't wait to go back. We have never been to Manti it was a really unique experience for us. Just the sight of the Temple as you drive into town was beautiful! We camped at a local park that they open up for campers during the Pageant. It was $5 per family. I was very grateful that Brittyn who was not walking at the time had lush green grass to play in during our stay. I have taken babies her age camping in regular camp grounds. Let me tell ya, it is very hard to keep them clean. You basically hold them the entire 48 hours.

Not this camping trip! Daryl and Cameron took Max, Ruby & Ike fishing. Bayley and Breanna took a nap in one of the tents. Leah and I set up the baby pool and relaxed and watched Brittyn and Tyler play. One of the most relaxing camping trips I have been on!

Ruby! So cute!

Brittyn's first S'more! She loved it!

Bayley and Breanna getting comfy at the Pageant. All the kids were really good during the Pageant except Brittyn and Tyler. Leah and I had to tend them a bit. It was like 11pm before the play was over. So the babies were very tired. Josh and Sharsti joined us that evening. I wished I would have snapped a few pictures of them. Thanks to Leah and Cameron for the invite and going down a day earlier to set things up for us!


Andrew and Cori said...

I haven't been to the Manti Pageant since I was in college; I guess I've been waiting to go till I didn't have a baby. :) It's good to see it wasn't so bad for you! I think that gives me hope! Maybe next year we will attempt it with our kids.

Rebecca said...

I'm jealous. Mike and I went to the Manti Pageant when we were at BYU. But I'm so sad we don't get to go camping with you guys this year. You better hurry up and move back!