Thursday, December 9, 2010

Slim Jim

When RubyMae is good at the grocery store she gets a prize when we are at the checkout. Today she decided she really wanted to try a Slim Jim! I tried to talk her out of it...but you know RubyMae. The Checker and I just laughed and I said ok. She opened the Slim Jim when we got in the car. To my surprise she said "this is really good Mom can I share some with Brittyn?"
Before I could say anything Brittyn was gnawing off a piece of the nasty peperoni stick. They both loved it! Shared it all the way home. Made my day:)


Elizabeth said...

I love it! I bet they both had some awesome breath when they were done.

The Scott Family said...

haha that's so funny. Remember when Bree would do stuff like that? She'd always want the random prizes haha