Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Washington Trip and 4th of July!

It was a very long drive for the two year old.

Getting in some cousin time in Grandma's back yard.

This is Brittyn the octopus. Native to Point Defiance Zoo
Pointe Defiance Zoo with cousins Danika and Tate.

Can't leave Owen's beach without throwing some rocks.

Some Russian tourists were freaking out that my kids were swimming in the Puget Sound. They said it is to cold to be swimming. I guess they didn't know it was summer, and 70 degrees is plenty warm if your a native of the Northwest.

Brittyn getting down and dirty at Grandma & Grandpa Reed's house.
Bayley and Natalie swimming at Janeice's next door neighbors house in Boise.

Yes! This face pretty much sums up our 4th of July. She didn't like the fireworks.

My two favorite ladies in the Universe!

Bayley trying on my friends homemade vintage costume. The picture doesn't do it justice! Can you say Jane Eyre?


The Scott Family said...

O my goodness! The picture of mom and grandma is sooo cute. I'm so glad you blogged again!

alexia said...

What a happy family you have!

Familjen Baka said...

What a lovely family! Love the dress btw!

Judy said...

I absolutely love the picture of your mom and grandma! wonderfully sweet women!!