Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dragon Kisser

This week our favorite neighbors/cousins are out of town visiting family. We miss them. We even miss the fun stories Sadie writes on notebook paper in three different colors. She is a couple years younger than Bayley but her sweetness makes up for the age difference. I thought I would share with you the most recent installment of the Sadie Chronicles.
It doesn't have a title so I will entitle it "Dragon Kisser"

Once apoun at time there was captin Bayley. and She fed horses. and even had one that had long silkey hair and her skin was all wight her hoofs was silver and eyes of a rainbow! She ran faster then the wind! Well she as the captin horse girl she was as tired as a dead branch. So she went to sleep and forgot all about her horse named marubell in fact she forgot so much that she forgot to feed her! the horse was sad and hungry! but mostly hungry so she ran way! and disappeared into the forest. Wene Bayley wokeup she relized that she forgot that she had to feed her horse! She ran into the woods. but she got stuck in these vines! Lucky she had sissors. She took the sissors and cuted the vines of and ran some more. but then she ran into a dragon Bayley held as prisoner she thought and thought then she thought of something! She asked the dragon to come near her and Kiss!!! She kissed the dragon good night. And the keys tumbled by and she unlocked herself with a blink of an eye and she was out! of prison then she finally found the horse and they lived happily ever after!!!


Jessica and Tanner said...

hahaha! That is the greatest story! I wish I had a story written about me! Sadie is such a funny girl.