Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Mommy and Me

Bayley and I went on a hike and picnic lunch. It was planned by her Activity Day leader. The girls had to help make the lunch. Bayley did a great job on my lunch. She made me a ham sandwich with two pieces of provolone cheese! And lots of lettuce. Yum, Yum. She was very fun to hike with. We did the Fitness treks trail. All along the way were different stations to do various exercises. I had so much fun . Bayley is so fun to hang out with. What a fun young woman she is becoming. Bayley's favorite books growing up were the "Little Critters" . They have very few words on each page. I would read them to her over and over until she had them all memorized. When someone would come over, she would get out her books and "read". So I thought Just Mommy and Me was a great title for our hike.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like a great Activity Days activity. Always nice to have some Mom & Me time.

Stacy said...

Love your blog! I have some picture for you from the 4th. I can print them up, or if you would like me to email them to you I can do that.

Leah said...

You guys look so much alike! It sounds like so much fun! I can't believe how old bayley is. I remember when she used to "read" her little books.