Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ruby is Four!

Ruby had such a fun birthday this year. Most of her friends were able to attend. We played cake walk and pin the polka dot on Uniqua. We also did a small cut and paste craft. Ruby had been excited for her party for about three days before . She stayed up late the night before helping with some of the games. Then Ruby got up at 6:30am because she was to excited to go back to sleep. I assumed by party time she would be a bear! She was just the opposite. She was a sweet gracious host. She has grown up so much.
Ruby, Isaac, Sidney, Greta, Brian, and Emma
Uniqua Cake (Backyardigans)
Ruby's favorite character on her favorite cartoon.


Leah said...

That cake looks so good! I love it. Ruby looks so big! We love you Ruby!

~amy~ said...

Hi Neeley:) Last time I saw you we were both just having our big 4 year olds!! Ella was born on the 2nd... I think I lucked out and got your original induction slot. Your family is beautiful. Congratulations on your soon to be 4th edition.