Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sponge Bob and "Sandy Cheeks"

Since we have moved, we have really missed this view. "Sandy Cheeks". The weather has been great and we were feeling really land locked. Little did we know we only live about a ten minutes drive to Antelope Island the largest in the Great Salt Lake. Here we found sandy beaches, very salty water and a sense of normalcy. We set up for the day and watched to kids play in the sand and swim.

I gave Brittyn a shovel and pail full of water. She was entertained for hours putting sand in the bucket then scooping it out. She even taste tested a few times! Yummy.

We dressed like twins!

Max. I buried him in sand then poured water on him. He loved every minute of it.

Bayley came too. She made a sand castle and read the majority of the time.


Katie said...

That looked like a fun day! I am glad you could find some sand and salt water!

Sarah said...

Neeley I miss you so much. You all look like you are having fun and finding your way around. Hope all is well. Love you.