Thursday, December 9, 2010

Slim Jim

When RubyMae is good at the grocery store she gets a prize when we are at the checkout. Today she decided she really wanted to try a Slim Jim! I tried to talk her out of it...but you know RubyMae. The Checker and I just laughed and I said ok. She opened the Slim Jim when we got in the car. To my surprise she said "this is really good Mom can I share some with Brittyn?"
Before I could say anything Brittyn was gnawing off a piece of the nasty peperoni stick. They both loved it! Shared it all the way home. Made my day:)

Photo Shoot!

My awsome sister Sharsti met up with us downtown to take a few family pictures. Here are just a few of the lovely pictures she took. I just have to say... SISTERS ROCK!

New House Pics...

Ha! If you thought I was going to post pictures of the new are absolutley right! I couldn't resist!

Our NEW house number!!!

Our pillars are in!

Shoe bench in mud room.

Walk-in Pantry.

More pics of the pillers.


House without the siding...

House with the siding!