Saturday, October 3, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

Miley Cyrus came to the Tacoma Dome September 16. Bayley really wanted to go. She earned all the money for her ticket and because I have a nursing baby, Daryl had the privilege of attending with her:) Miley sang "I Love Rock and Roll" and rode a motorcycle over the crowd. Bayley had a great time. Most of the pictures Daryl took were pretty blurry do to the nonstop dancing I am sure...he. he.


sharsti steveson said...

Miley Cyrus huh? You've gotta pretty amazing husband to agree to go to such a concert. Looks fun, I would've gone with her and totally rocked out in a Miley shirt and all!

Rebecca said...

Looks fun! I love her new in the USA..or whatever it's called.