Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sonic & Corn Maze

For family night we went down to the corn maze at Spooners. This years theme was "Honey I Shrunk the Farm" We all had a great time. Daryl made Bayley lead the way this year. We only got turned around a couple of times. She takes after her Dad when it comes to sense of direction. I am never allowed to lead since I get lost in the Mall:)

After the corn Maze we surprised the kids with Sonic for dinner. It is a brand new place to eat in our area. I have seen them in other states. I am pretty sure this is the first one in our neck of the woods. You drive up and order and they bring you your food. You are supposed to eat in your car. Not something we will do again soon... by the time we were heading for home I had onion and mayo in my hair. From the person sitting behind me. Who will remain nameless...good times.


Leah said...

That looks so fun!